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Agents of Mayhem' Guide: How to Earn Money Fast

Agents of Mayhem
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Just like any other game, there are different ways of earning money in 'Agents of Mayhem'. Some are easy to do while other take some time but returns are worth it. So in this article, all the best methods of earning money in the game are discussed.

How to Earn Money in 'Agents of Mayhem'

The simplest way to earn money in the game according to Prima Games is to defeat as many enemies as possible. In addition, each defeated enemy also drops an item that can be useful as players progress through the game. All the players need to do is run over the item and that should automatically put the object in their inventory.

Another way to earn money in the game is to finish side missions. Side missions can be found all around the game so always make time to explore the game world. Before each mission, you will see how much reward you will get so you already know what to expect. One of the best side mission is the Relic's Trading Company as it only requires you to continue playing to get the reward.

The Easiest Way to Earn Money in 'Agents of Mayhem'

The easiest way to earn money in the game is to assist Relic re-launch his personal stores all around the city. You will be rewarded with a slice of the pie which should get you at least $180 for each minute. Players should also upgrade their weapon when they visit the Ark's Requisition area as one upgrade allows them to increase their cash every hour.  Another way to easily earn money is to test your progress against other players or also known as mettle. Complete the mission and it should earn the player cash and item rewards.

Although earning money is not crucial in the game, it makes it easy for the player to win missions as they progress through 'Agents of Mayhem' game.

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