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Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age’ Guide: The Secret Way to Get the Zodiac Spear

The Zodiac Spear is one of the most powerful weapons available in “Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age”. However, finding it in the game is not as easy as one may think. So this guide is all about helping players find the impressive Zodiac Spear in the game.

How to Get the Zodiac Spear?

The only way to get the Zodiac Spear is after the player finishes Archades and reaches the Hunt Club. This means that players need to get the main hunt completed and collect all 30 trophies. Once that is done, players can unlock the Hunt Club by going to Phon Coast Hunters’ Camp and speaking with the Huntmaster.

Getting the Zodiac Spear Walkthrough

The Huntmaster will then task the player to go to Vaddu Strand and hunt a Thalassinon. The easiest way to find this creature is to look for a higher ground and get a bird’s eye view of the place. When the beast is defeated, players need to go back to where the Huntmaster is and speak with one of the brothers. Agree to go on a hunt with them and then speak with the Huntmaster again.

 The player will be given another task which is to use the 30 trophies from their hunt and trade it with Stok, Blok and Atak. Keep in mind that there are only 30 trophies in the game so if the player chooses the Zodiac Spear, they can no longer get the other items in the store. The spear will cost the player 999,999 so make sure there is enough funds to get it.

The Secret Way to Get the Zodiac Spear

Unbeknownst to many, there is secret ways to get the Zodiac Spear and it will not cost them all the 30 trophies. The first method is to give at least 16 trophies to Atak instead of giving 10 to Blok, Atak and Stok. A ceremony should follow as soon as the player get all 30 trophies and this will reward them with a gift which contains the Zodiac Spear.

Another way to get the Zodiac Spear is to reach stage 62 in Trial Mode. Once it is completed, players are assured by Prima Games that they will definitely get the Zodiac Spear. The last method can only be done by chance. This happens when the player reaches Henne Mines where they will battle Tiamat. In this location, there is a slim chance that a chest will spawn upon entering the mines and when it does, its most likely to be the Zodiac Spear. 

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